Randoseru for adults

We made a special model, more trendy and adapted for adults. Try our randoseru just once, you

will carry the Japanese technology and tradition!

Randoseru’s history

Randoseru is a comfortable and useful schoolbackpack.


The shape is the same from more than a century bud the bag still evolves.

It belongs to the traditional and historical patrimony of Japan.

The use of the randoseru began between the Edo and the Meiji eras. Backpack made of textile was imported and finally called randoseru.

In 1887, the randoseru was used for the very first time by the future emperor, Taisho Tenou, when he entered elementary school. The prime minister Hirofumi Itou recommended it as a new ideal for Japanese primary school students.

What's Randoseru?

Qu’est ce que Randoseru?




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