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“Randoseru” (Japanese school bag for elementary school children) used to be shaped using genuine leather during its 130-year history. Nowadays, “artificial leather” has become a mainstay of randoseru material for its lightweight, resistance against scratches and scrapes and easy-care properties.

RANDSELLIER®, taking suitable size and elegant design into account, are made with MAESTLEY® *1, and TAFGARD® *2, distributed by Teijin Cordley Limited, offer not only the various colors and patterns, but also fine textures, moisture permeability, light weight, scratch resistance and easier handling.


MAESTLEY® :   MASTLEY® , inspired by traditional Japanese tanning technologies, offers the equivalent texture and richness of natural leather, produced and distributed by Teijin Cordley Limited.


TAFGARD® :   TAFGARD® offers various elegant colors and patterns, as well as light weight, moisture permeability, scratch resistance, high durability, scratch resistance and easier handling, produced and distributed by Teijin Cordley Limited.


 Japanese ransel backpacks, gaining global popularity as functional, high-quality fashion items, such as light weight, high scratch resistance, durability and easier handling, as well as for the respect to animal rights, are now commonly made with high-quality artificial leather, based on non-woven fabrics.

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