Regarding Teijin Cordley’s


“Randoseru” (Japanese school bag for elementary school children) used to be shaped using genuine leather during its 130-year history. Nowadays, “artificial leather” has become a mainstay of randoseru material for its lightweight, resistance against scratches and scrapes and easy-care properties.

For this RANDOSELLIERTM, among the CORDLEYTM artificial leathers with the above functions, MAESTLEYTM has been adopted for its genuine leather-like texture achieved by integrating the craftsmanship of maestro, which has succeeded Japanese tanners’ traditional techniques.


Also, from the ethical viewpoint of “animal protection,” artificial leather randoseru has been used habitually.

The most distinctive feature of artificial leather is lightweight properties. Multifunctional randoseru has been said to place a burden on children because of its heavy weight.


With the use of artificial leather for randoseru, we have succeeded in weight saving while keeping its sturdy form.


As children commute to school and wear a randoseru on a daily basis, it gets caught in the rain or gets dirty.

Even in that case, if it gets wet in the rain or water is used to wipe the dirt off, this randoseru will not lose its texture and form. Additionally, it has specifications that are resistant to scratches and scrapes, making its surface dirt-resistant.

Lightweight, comfort and good design


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